Plots against Queen Elizabeth (1569) - (1586)

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  • Plots Against Queen Elizabeth (1569) - (1586)
    • The Revolt of The Northern Earls (1569)
      • Key People
        • Earl of Northumberland
        • Earl of Westmorland
      • Aims
        • To restore the Catholic faith
        • To restore the political power of the northern nobility, both in the north and court
        • To remove 'evil disposed councillors', who were influencing the Queen away from the TRUE faith
    • The Ridolfi Plot (1571)
      • Key People
        • Roberto Ridolfi
        • Duke of Norfolk
      • Aims
        • To overthrow Elizabeth
        • To replace Elizabeth with Mary, Queen of Scots
        • To restore the Catholic religion
    • The Throckmorton Plot (1583)
      • Key People
        • Francis Throckmorton (letter carrier between Mary, Queen of Scots and the Spanish and French Ambassadors)
      • Aims
        • To free Mary, Queen of Scots
        • To restore Catholicism to England
      • The Government thought they wanted to kill Elizabeth but didn't
    • The Babington Plot (1586)
      • Key People
        • Anthony Babington
        • Mary, Queen of Scots
      • Aims
        • To free England from Protestantism
        • To plan an invasion
        • To free Mary, Queen of Scots
  • The Revolt of The Northern Earls (1569): What Happened
    • 9th-15th November: Earls of Northumberland and Westmorland order tenants, workers on lands to join their army to the end Elizabeth's rule and restore Catholicism. some catholic nobles refused the revolt and stayed loyal to the Queen.
    • 16th-19th November: The Royal army came and rebels fled. The Earls escaped to Scotland. Northumberland was handed back and beheaded and Westmorland managed to escape abroad.
    • 22nd-30th November: Rebels marched to Bramham moor near York. Earl of Sussex assembled huge army of 10,000 men. One rebel group captured the port of Hartlepool hoping Spain troops land there to help them but didn't.
  • The Ridolfi Plot (1571)
    • 1571: The Spanish army could invade England. Elizabeth's government was unravelling the details of the plot. Duke of Norfolk's servants betrayed him and he was arrested, put on trial in January 1572. He was beheaded. Ridolfi went back to Florence where he lived and sent letters to Mary.
  • The Throckmorton Plot (1583)
    • Carried out by Francis Throckmorton with support of Philip II. Throckmorton was suspected of plotting to free Mary, Queen of Scots in April 1583, June he was arrested.
    • Evidence was found to suggest that several Catholic nobles were involved. Philip II was accused of paying for the invasion but the money didn't arrive so the plot failed. Mary, Queen of Scots was said to be involved but Throckmorton later denied it.
    • Bond of Association - 1584: If anyone was found to be part of a plot, they will be executed.
  • The Babington Plot (1586)
    • Spies were planted in Mary, Queen of Scots household and wanted her to get caught. They convinced her to write letters to Babington through barrels and were intercepted and sent to Walsingham.
    • On 17th July 1586, she said they assasins would need '4 stout men furnished with good, speedy horses'. This proved her involvement and her fate was sealed.




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