A Christmas Carol Plot

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  • Plot
    • Preface
      • Charles Dickens writes a note to his readers to explain that he wants to introduce an entertaining idea to them
    • Stave 1
      • introduced to Scrooge who only cares about money.
      • Scrooge won't pay to heat the office properly- Cratchit is cold
      • 4 Christmas visitors: Fred (Nephew), Two charity collectors and a carol singer - scrooge is rude and sends them all away
      • Marley visits scrooge and tells him his bad ways will lead to misery and that three ghosts will visit him
    • Stave 2
      • Scrooge watches Belle break of their engagement because Scrooge is too obsessed with money
    • Stave 3
      • The ghost of Christmas present takes Scrooge to visit the Cratchits- where he learns Tiny Tim will die unless the future changes
      • Scrooge sees his nephew and family enjoying themselves and pitying Scrooge
      • Scrooge meets Ignorance and Want and is warned to beware ignornace
    • Stave 4
      • Scrooge sees his gravestone and realises he was the dead man people were talking about - he promises to change his ways
      • Scrooges sees the distraught Cratchits as Tiny Tm has died
      • The ghost of Christmas yet to come visits Scrooge and shows him conversations on a mans death -nobody cares and thieves steal his clothes
    • Stave 5
      • Scrooge awakes in his bed, and is happy. he sends a turkey to the Cratchits, gives money to charity collectors and joins Fred for Christmas. The next day he gives Bob a raise


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