Christmas Carol - Plot

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Stave 1 - Marley's Ghost

Key Plot Points

- Scrooge in counting house - Bob and him are working

- Fred (his nephew) invites him for Xmas Lunch - He rudely refuses 

- Scrooge Arrives home - sees Marley as the door knocker

- Marley appears in Scrooge's bedroom

- Marley says 3 spirits will visit him

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Stave 1 - Marley's Ghost (2)

Key Notes

- Scrooge is rude and selfish towards everyone he meets

- Dickens links Scrooge with the weather ("bleak")

- Scrooge's house is dreary and dark 

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Stave 2 - The First of the three spirits (Christma

Key Plot Points

- The Ghost of Christmas appears to Scrooge. 

- The Ghost takes scrooge to - Village where he grew up, Fezziwigs Party, End of his relationship with belle - end of relationship due to scrooge's obsession with money. 

- Then says Belle grown up - this makes him upset

- Scrooge struggles with the ghost to make it stop the visions and he's transported back to his bedroom 

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Stave 2 - The First of the three spirits (Christma

Key Notes

- Scrooge reacts emotionally to the visions 

- Scrooge loved his sister, this forces Scrooge to reconsider his relationship with Fred. 

- Fezziwig is an example of a good boss (Scrooge isn't)

- The reader sees that Scrooge has had a sad past 

- Belle's family represents the life Scrooge could have had. 

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Stave 3 - The second of the three spirits (Christm

Key Plot Points 

- Ghost arrives jolly & friendly 

- Scrooge visits the Cratchit house who are enjoying xmas day despite being poor - Scrooge learns that Tiny Tim will die in the near future 

- They then visit Fred's house - The guests are making fun of Scrooge's attitude towards Christmas.

- Two children appear from the ghosts robe they are named Ignorance (rich) & Want (poor)

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Stave 3 - The second of the three spirits (Christm

Key Notes

- The ghost teaches Scrooge the spirit of Christmas 

- Cratchits show the importance of Family at Christmas 

- Scrooge has to face up to former opinions (Scrooge never cared about the poor before this he wanted to 'decrease the surplus population)

- Ignorance and Want link to Poverty - The ghost warns Scrooge to beware of Ignorance & Want he claims that ignoring the problem will eventually lead to 'Doom'

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Stave 4 - The Last of the three spirits

Key Plot Points

- The ghosts comes to collect Scrooge

- The ghost shows three men talking about the death of an unkown man.

- A undertaker, cleaner & laundress try to sell the dead mans belongings (even the shirt he was due to be buried in) 

- Scrooge then visits the Cratchit family, who are upset because Tiny Tim is dead

- Scrooge finally sees his own grave - He wants to change his ways 

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Stave 4 - The Last of the three spirits (2)

Key Notes

- The third spirit is much more sinister 

- Scrooge sees the consequences of a lonely life

- Tiny Tim's death is a contrast to Scrooge's (They will mourn Tiny Tim not Scrooge) 

- Seeing the future convinces Scrooge to change

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Stave 5 - The End of it all

Key Plot Points

- Scrooge finds himself back at home 

- Scrooge has completely changed and is a new man 

- He buys the Cratchit's turkey for there dinner 

- We are told Tiny Tim will survive & Scrooge will celebrate Christmas for the rest of his life

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