Plate Tectonic Theory

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  • Plate Tectonic Theory
    • Alfred Wegner
      • Published his theory in 1912
      • Gave the idea about Pangaea being a supercontinent
        • Suggested that it had drifted apart into pieces
    • Biological Evidence
      • Remains of similar fossils found
        • Lystrosaurus fossils found across continents
          • Between Africa and Antarctica
    • Jigsaw Fit
      • Where countries appear to fit together
        • South America and Africa
    • Matching Geology
      • Similar geology found oceans apart
        • Scotland and Canada have similar geology
        • Same age and types of rocks
        • Also South America and Africa
    • Climatological Evidence
      • Coal deposits of a similar age found on different continents
        • Places like Antarctica, North America, Svalbard and UK
        • They must have drifted apart since they are no longer in a tropical zone
      • Similar glacial deposits found in India, Antarctica and Australia
    • Paleomagnetism
      • Once every 200,000 years the earths polarity reverses
      • Provides evidence of sea floor spreading
    • Plate Tectonics
      • Plates are moved by convection currents


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