Plant and Alga building blocks

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  • Plant and Alga building blocks
    • Plant cells usually have: Cell membrane, nucleus, mitochondria, ribosomes and cytoplasm.
      • They also have a cell wall made of cellulose. Cellulose is made of tiny strong fibres.
    • Some plants have organelles called chloroplasts in their cytoplasm.
    • Chloroplasts are filled with chloropyll (used in photosynthes-is to absorb syn and light energy)
    • In photosunthesis light energy goes to chemical energy (glucose) as food.
    • The large permanent liquid filled space centre plant is called the vacuole (supports cell)
      • The liquid inside is cell sap made of sugars salts and water
    • Specialised cells
      • Palisade mesophyll cells - found in leaf and packed with chloroplasts. The main photosynthetic cells.
      • Root hairs - extensions (actual root hairs) into soil absorb water and dissolved mineral ions. They're long and narrow to fit between soil particles.
      • Xylem vessles - made of empty dead cells using cell walls to form tube. Many chemicals added in xylem to prevent rotting. It transports water from roots up stem to leaves.


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