Pitt 1783-1804

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  • Pitt 1783-1804
    • Financial Policy
      • Dealing with the deficit
        • The Sinking Fund
          • Reduced National Debt by £11million
          • Used during war with France (bad idea)
      • Improving taxation policy
        • Taxing the wealthier indirectly
          • Window, wig and horse tax
            • Largely rejected; windows were bricked up
          • Amount in treasury generally increased
        • Business taxes repealed later
    • Trading Policy
      • 'Freer trade' of Liberalism
        • Adam Smith - Wealth of Nations
          • Against protectionism
      • Trade routes lost with USA due to American War
        • Boost trade routes with Europe
          • Eden Treaty 1786
          • British manufacturers benfitted the most
            • Satisfied British manufacturers and landowners
    • Support of the King
      • The King was influential in politics
        • When the King did not support Catholic Emancipation, Pitt resigned
      • Kept out Fox-North coalition
        • Regency Crisis of 1788
    • Threat of Revolution
      • Encouraged British radicalism
        • Division of the Whig party
          • Some more liberal whigs joined Pitt's administration
      • Threat of the Jacobins
      • The Black Lamp Conspiracy, Despard Conspiracy, Luddism and Food Riots
      • Popular Loyalism


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