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Mind map for unit 1's Physics! 

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  • Physics Unit 1
    • Usefulness of electrical appliances
      • energy released depends of power and time
      • no. of units (kwH) used = power (kW) x time (hours)  cost = no. of units x price per unit
    • Methods to generate electricity
      • releases substances, waste materials, noise pollution, destruction of habitat
      • Carbon capture - preventing carbon dioxide releasing in the atmosphere
        • oil or gas fields
    • Energy and efficiency
      • energy cannot be created nor destroyed
      • thickness of sankey = amount ofenergy
    • Heat transfer
      • Evaporation - high temp, low density, large surface area, airflow is great
      • Condensation- low temp, high density, airflow is less
      • U-Value is how effective a mat. is at being an insulator (how fast)
      • Specific heat capacity - how much energy is required to change 1kg of a substance by 1 degree
    • Waves
      • Red shift - further, faster, longer wavelength
      • CMBR - low frequency radition
        • initially hot,  high frequency, expands, cools, low frequency
      • plane mirror - virtual, upright, laterally inverted
      • Transverse - oscillation perpendicular  to direction
      • Longitudinal - oscillation parallel to direction




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