Some of the P2 Equations ?

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  • Physics Equations
    • Speed
      • Speed is a measure of how fast someone or something is moving; it is distance moved in a certain time.
      • average speed = distance / time.
    • Force
      • The resultant acting on an object, its mass and its acceleration are related to the equation below.
      • force = mass x acceleration
    • Acceleration
      • Acceleration is the rate at which velocity changes; it depends on how much the velocity changes and the time taken for the change of velocity.
      • acceleration = change in velocity / time taken for change
    • Weight
      • when you drop an object, it drops directly towards the ground; it falls because of the gravitational attraction between the object and the earth; this is called the weight.
      • weight = mass x gravitational field strength
    • Work done
      • work done is another way of explaining the energy that has been transferred to the surroundings, etc. Lifting things such as weights can allow us to say that work has been done on these weights.
      • work done = force x distance moved in the direction of the force
    • Power
      • Power is measured in watts, and is the scientific term for transferring energy; a powerful person or machine can do a lot of work in a short amount of time and hav e a high power.
        • power = work done / time taken


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