Physics- Light

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  • Physics-light
    • Opaque materials
      • Don't let light through
    • Transparent materials
      • Let light through them
    • Light comes from source to the eye- arrow comes from the thing the person is seeing.
    • You see an object because light reflects of from the light source and into the retina nerve at the back of your eye
      • People can only see three colours: Red, Blue, Green. Everything else is a mixture of those three colours.
      • The Optic nerve carries the information from the retina nerve to the brain.
    • Red light is seen because all other colours are absorbed except the red which is reflected into the eye.
    • Green light is seen because all colours except for the green are absorbed.
    • magenta light is seen because all light except for red and blue are absorbed, and red and blue are reflected into the eye.
    • Black light is seen because all light is absorbed
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