Physical Development in Adolecense

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  • Physical Development in Adolecense
    • Boys grow facial hair, hair in their pubic region, under their arms and on their chest.
    • Major changes for puberty in girls is 10-13 years
    • Testes and scrotum enlarges and begin to produce sperm.
    • Rapid growth of the voice box causes the voice to deepen.
    • Major changes in puberty for boys is 12-14 years
    • Penis and accessory glands grow and start to secrete.
    • Girls develop breasts, hair grows in the pubic region and under the arms.
    • Ovaries enlarge and ovulation begins
    • Uterus, vagina and associated glands enlarge and menstruation begins.
    • Hips widen and there are height and  weight growth spurts


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