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  • Phy 2A- CIRCUITS
    • Current (A)- flow of electric charge
      • AMMETER( NEVER placed parallel)
    • Potential difference/Voltage (V)- driving force that pushes the current
      • V=W/Q
      • VOLTMETER (MUST be placed parallel-around component)
      • V=LxR
        • steeper the graph-lower resistance
          • curve= resistance is changing
        • straight-line graph-resistance is steady
    • Resistance (Ohms)- slows down the flow
      • as you vary the resistor,this alters the current flowing
    • Charge (C)-  bigger current flows= more charge passes
      • L=Q/T
    • Resistence increases with temp
      • when electrical energy is transferred to heat e.              -resistor gets hot                 -heat makes ions vibrate more              -making it difficult for electrons to get through     -current cant flow easily so resistance increases with temp!
    • DIODE- current flows in 1D
      • LED: emits light when current flows in
      • LDR: depends on light intensity
        • THERMISTOR: temp dependant
  • V=voltage/p.d  Q= charge(C) L= current(A) R=resistance (ohms)   T=time (s) W=work done(J)
  • P.D                             Current                Resistance
    • Same everywhere
    • Shared
    • Adds up
    • same across all components
    • is shared
    • depends on current ( low rs=high cur)


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