Trudgill's theories

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  • Peter Trudgill
    • Standard English only spoken by 12% of population
      • Irish and Scottish Standard English different
    • Traditional dialects
      • Minority and hard to understand
    • Mainstream dialects
      • Combine standard and non- standard English
      • Dialects outside the British isles- Australia
      • Distinguishedby accent rather than grammar
    • Overt prestige- language used in educational context
      • Used mostly by women
        • More socially insecure
        • Women usually always use prestige
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    • Covert prestige
      • Prestige that comes with group loyalty and solidarity
      • Used more commonly by men
      • Working class language associated with toughness
      • Norwich- "ng" most prestige variable
      • Working class
      • Men used 12 non- standard


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