Theorists for language topics

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Zimmerman and West- men interrupt more than women.

Fishman- Men talk more than women

Trudgill- men use more non standard features then women.

Spender- girls have more one to one interractions during teacher interractions.

Tannen- status vs support.

Lakoff- women more polite and use more tag questions.

Lakoff- women see colour in more detail.

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Accents and dialects

Bernstein- restricted vs elaborated.

Milroy- dialect more enforced in close knit groups.

Trudgill- norwich

Labov- New York

Labov- Martha's vinyard

Giles- communication accomodation

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Social class

Social network theory

Bernstein- restricted vs elaborated

Giles- Communication accomodation



Labov- New York

Labov- Martha's vinyard.

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Communication accomodation theory.



28% say they would work with someone using jargon.

80% of employers would discriminate based on accent.

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