personal and commercial mobile technologies

personal and commercial mobile technologies

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  • Personal and commercial mobile technologies
    • Laptop computers - are designed to be portable. they are smaller than desktops. they contain a rechargeable battery that can limit their use.
    • Netbook computers - netbooks are smaller, lighter and less expensive compared to laptops. they have a smaller keyboard, magnetic hard drive. they have a longer battery life.
    • Palmtops - smaller hand-held computers. they are used ti send and recieve emails, sufe the net, record deliveries, meter readings or orders taken.
    • PDAs - Personal digital assisstants are hand-held computers. they keep track of meetings, birthdays etc. store details of names, addresses etc. brwose the net, send and recieve emails and synchronize details stored an a desktop or laptop.
    • WAP - Wireless application protocol. offers a way for users of mobiles to access the internet.
    • Smart phones - take photos, watch live TV, send recieve texts and emails, call people, play games, music and videos. GPS etc.


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