Personal Identity. Who - and what - are you?

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  • Personal Identity. Who - and what - are you?
    • Qualitative Identity: Similarity
    • Numerical Identity: Being one and the same thing
    • Synchronic Identity: Identity in one moment
    • Diachronic Identity: Identity over time. Can I be convicted for a crime from 30 yrs ago if I am 'Not the same 'I'?
    • 'Essence' - Fixed personal features that make you who you are,
    • 'Body-swapping'
      • You and Obama switch bodies
      • This and 'you hallucinate being obama' are essentially the same phenomenon
      • This is a thought experiment
    • 3 PI Thought Experiments
      • Challenges
        • 'Swapping' is a challenge
        • Teleportation
        • Duplication
      • Tests
        • Responsibility: If you commit a crime and then you are swapped, which person is put on trial?
        • Anticipation: If you know you're about to be tortured who should anticipate the torture?
      • Comparisons
        • Tennis club moves to diff place with diff members. What makes it the same club?
        • Grandfather's bike with every component replaced over the years. Same bike?
    • Soul Theories
      • Christian answer: Soul survives death. You are your soul
      • Reincarnation - have to be In some sense identical to another person or even a creature.
      • Hinduism: Atman (soul) bears your identity
      • Buddhism: your karma survives. But for Buddhists there is no actual 'self'
      • Advantage: Simplicity
      • Occam's Razor suggests we try to do without souls-not clear what the soul explains or if it exists
    • Problems
      • A Soul theory can say anything because souls aren't observable
      • If your soul is transferred should you feel fear?
      • Should a criminal be let off?
      • What if God makes a copy of your soul and you end up in both heaven and hell?
      • The duplication problem
        • If one is in heaven and one is in hell how can they be one in the same?
        • If A is in heaven and B in hell can you anticipate the torture in hell?
        • Would it be fair if B committed further sin and you were punished too?
        • You can only be one in the same with someone who is in the same place as you


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