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  • Perception
    • Gibson Bottom up
      • Infant Studies
        • Gibson and Walk (If you don't know this get out!)
          • Campos et al (2 mnth heart rate)
        • Owsley (The film)
        • Kaye and Bower (Dummy Study)
        • Slater et al (The boxes)
    • Gregory Top Down
      • Perceptual Sets
        • Minturn and Bruner (ABC 12 13 14)
        • Palmer (Drum in the Kitchen)
        • The invisible Gorilla experiment
      • Cross Cultural Studies
        • Turnbull (Pygmie tribe)
        • Hudson (The picture)
        • Segall (Muller Lyer illusion)
    • Bruce and Young's Face Recognition
      • Young et al
        • (Supported that cannot skip step)
        • (Ex servicemen with head injuries)
      • Yin (Face recognition superior/ different to objects recognition)
    • Prosopagnosia
      • Humphreys et al (3 proso patients can't do faces but can expressions seporate process)
      • Campbell et al (lady with proso could tell phonems being said in pic)
      • Young et al (servicemen again)
      • McNeil and Warrington (The sheep farmer)


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