patient safety frameworks

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  • Patient safety frameworks
    • Patient safety review and response reports
      • a report over 6 months on how the NHS have reviewed and responded to any patient safety alerts
    • NPSA
      • MaPSaF
        • A tool to help the NHS organisations and teams assess their progress in developing a safety culture.
        • Ambulance
          • priority given to safety
          • staff and safety issues
          • investigating patient safety incidents
          • commitment to continuous improvement
          • organisational learning following an incident
          • staff, education, training, and safety issues
          • communication
          • what causes patient safety incidents
          • team working and safety issues
      • National patient safety agency was a special health authority in the NHS. It monitored patient safety incidents, including medication and prescribing error reporting in the NHS.
    • PSC
      • It is a joint initiative, funded and nationally coordinated by NHS improvement, with the 15 regional PSC's organised and delivered locally by the AHSN's.
      • The national patient safety collaborative us the largest safety initiative in the history of the NHS.
      • focus on quality improvement
        • work directly with local teams, supporting them to make sure they have the right skills and resources for successful improvement
          • link and build relationships with front line staff, business, and academia to stimulate innovation and improvement
    • PSA
      • CAS
      • patient safety alerts warning the healthcare system of risks and providing guidance on potential incidents that could cause harm or death
        • issued via the central alerting system, consisting of alerts, public health warnings, and any other issues these organisations need to know of
        • CAS


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