Participant observation

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  • Participant Observation
      • Allows the researcher to study a group in their everyday settings
      • By participating, the research can gain an insight of the group's perspective; this allows the reseracher to obtain a more valid picture of the group
      • Some groups, e.g religious cults, may not agree to be interviewed so PO may be the only method available.
      • In the beginning, it might be hard to join in the group.
      • May be hard to gain the groups' trust.
      • Researchers may find it difficult to take notes as it will arouse suspicion. The notes will be made on memory.
      • PO tends to be very time consuming and expensive.
      • The researcher may become too involved with the group and the results of the research can be biased.
      • Every study is unique so replication of it will be difficult; this means the work would not be as reliable as it cant be subject to peer review.


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