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  • Pare
    • Individual Genius
      • Determined, intelligent, willing to try new ideas and didn't give in to those who said he was wrong
    • Technology
      • Printing spread his ideas more quick;y
    • Surgery
      • Practice in wartime helped surgeons make minor improvements
      • Gunpowder in gunshot wounds was thought to be poisonous so they poured boiling oil binded up with oil soaked clothe-painful
      • Open woulnds and amputations were closed with a red hot iron (a cautery) onto the wound to seal the blood vessels-painful
    • Attitudes
      • Willing to learn and didn't rely on books
    • Chance
      • He only tried the natural remedy as he ran out of boiling oil
    • War
      • As he was an army surgeon, he had experience, practice and opportunities to try new methods
    • BUT
      • Stopping bleeding with ligatures was slow
      • Ligatures were dangerous-infections
      • His discoveries were still small-scale
    • Achievements
      • Pare replaced the boiling oil with egg yolks, oil of roses and turpentine
      • He used ligatures to stop bleeding-tying thread around a blood vessel
      • He designed and arranged the making of false limbs for wounded soldiers and included drawings in his book to spread the word


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