Egyptian Medicine

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  • Egyptian Medicine
    • Who treated the sick?
      • Master physicians - nearest to a doctor
      • Pharaoh's doctors - specialists
      • Priest Magicians - Used spirits to fight disease
      • Religious roles - gods eg. Sekhmet
      • Women - herbal remedies
    • Treatments
      • Magical charms and chanting
      • External surgery
      • Herbal remedies and ointments to heal infections
      • Cleanliness eg. circumcision
      • Fasting to prevent blocked channels
      • Animal fats etc.
    • The Body
      • Knew of organs but not how they worked etc.
      • Most important organ was the heart
      • Believed arteries of 'channels' carried blood, air and water because of the river Nile's channels
    • Causes of disease
      • Food rotting in your bowels - blocking your channels
      • Channels were most important in this time
      • "May your channels be sound"
    • Embalming
      • Organs are removed and the body is preserved with spicies
      • Therefore they learned a little about anatomy but had to work quickly to prevent rotting
      • Limited knowledge as dissection was forbidden
  • "May your channels be sound"


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