Causes of the Lower Canadian Rebellion

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  • Papineau
    • Under his leadership the assembly refused to accept any financial compromises offered by the British
    • Causes of the revolt in Lower Canada
      • The Gosford Commission 1835
        • The inquiry caused outraged - the inquiry’s brief showed that the British had no intention of engaging in constitutional reform
        • The commission failed to address the issues that the patriot deemed important
        • The commission failed to address the issues that the patriots deemed important
        • Lack of debate on Canada in= hardening of British attitudes
      • Economic issues
        • Economy struggled during 1830’s
        • For the British- most pressing economic problem was how to pay the salaries of officials as the assembly was opposed to proposals for shared economic control of the province
      • Growth of the Patriots
        • Growing immigration meant that the population became increasingly radical
          • 1832-Immigrants brought cholera outbreak - increased tensions to the point that the military fired on a crowd during the 1832 election- killing 2
        • Patriots benefitted from the hard times - supporters could be forgiven for confusing them for radicals
        • 1834, more radical wing of the Patriot Party was emerging as a stronger voice in the assembly and in the province
        • Feb 1834- ‘92 Resolutions’ was published by the patriots demanding constitutional change, including elective councils and seeking to protect the French Canadian army
    • Opposed any change on the seigneurial land system
    • Nonetheless had viewed the British constitution as perfect and that Canadian institutions should be based on the British Parliamentary system
    • Was influenced by radicals and by general discontent regarding the economic situation
    • Became official leader of the opposition to the British


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