Paints and Pigments

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  • Paints and Pigments
    • Why do we paint things?
      • Make them look good
      • To provide a protection for rust
    • What is paint made of?
      • Solvent - makes it spreadable
      • Pigment - colour
      • Binding medium to make it stick
    • Colloids
      • When a substance is evenly dispersed in another
      • Paint particles do not settle because they are small
    • Types of Paint:
      • Matt
      • Silk
      • Oil based
      • Water based
        • Changes the solvent
          • Oil based
      • Thermochromic (Colour change)
        • Changing the pigment
          • Phosphorescent (Glow in the dark)
      • Phosphorescent (Glow in the dark)
    • Emulsion
      • (Water based) The solvent is water
      • Solvent evaporates which leaves the bonding medium and pigment left where it is painted
    • Gloss
      • (Oil based) Solvent is oil
      • Solvent evaporates but oxygen is needed to oxidise the paint
    • Thermochromic pigment
      • Changes colour or goes transparent
      • Can add to acrylic paint to make more colours
      • Used in thermometres, baby spoons, mugs.
    • Phosphorescent pigment
      • Glow in the dark
      • Absorbs light energy and stores it
      • Emits light energy slowly so it glows
      • Used in stars, clocks and safety signs


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