The Solar System

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  • The Solar System
    • Planets
      • Eight planets orbitting in almost circular paths
        • CLOSET TO THE SUN : Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Asteroid Belt, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune
      • Orbit in almost circular paths
      • Reflet sunlight
      • Smaller than stars and alot closer than stars
    • Stars
      • Characteristics: huge, very hot, very far away, give out lots of light
    • How it was created
      • 5 thousand million years old
      • 1) Formed from dust and gas
      • 2) Gravity pulled everything together
      • 3) At the centre, a protostar was formed
        • Hydrogen nuclei fused together to form helium
          • Fusion gives out heat and light = our Sun
      • 4) Spare material clumped together to form planets
    • Asteroids and Comets
      • Left over from formation of Earth
      • ASTEROIDS : Smallish lumps of rubble and rock
      • COMETS : Balls of rock, dust and ice, orbit Earth in elongated ellipses
    • P1


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