p2.4 electrical saftey

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  • p2.4 electrical safety
    • Domestic electricity
      • electricity entering house must first pass the cosumer unit
      • sockets in each room/floor arranged in a loop - ring circuit
    • Plug sockets
      • inner strands of wire made from copper - good conductor
      • plug pins made from brass - good conductor and strong
      • outer casing made from plastic - good insulator
      • earth wires coded green and yellow - connect metal to ground. If excess static charge used earth wire allows charge to flow away safely
      • double insulated appliances need an earth wire - no exposed metal parts - no chance of casing becoming live
      • fuse - thin wire sometimes enclosed in ceramic cylinder. when current too high fuse will get hot and melt - breaks circuit
      • Brown = live wire   Blue = neutral wire
    • RCCB's
      • compares current going in to current going out.
      • normal circuit - enters live wire, leaves with neutral
        • if something goes wrong leaves through earth
    • DC and AC
      • DC - current flows in one direction from neg to pos. powered by batteries and solar cells
      • AC - current flows both ways, changing direction regularly. flows in mains and from generators.
      • charge = current x time
        • energy = charge x voltage


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