Othello and Gatsby Comparisons

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  • Conflict between male and female characters
    • Tom/Myrtle
      • Tom assaults Myrtle when she mentions his wife- he doesn't want these 2 parts of his life to mix
    • Daisy/Gatsby
      • Daisy wont conform to Gatsby's expectations
    • Othello/Desde-mona
      • Othello kills and physically assaults his wife when he believes she has betrayed him
    • Iago/Emilia
      • Emilia won't obey her husband and betrays him
    • Cassio/Bianca
      • Cassio uses Bianca for sex, with no intention of marriage
    • Tom/Daisy
      • Daisy defies Tom to have an affair with Gatsby
    • Nick/Jordan
      • A romance gone sour
    • Brabantio/         Desdemona
      • Desdemona defies her fathers expectations and disrespects his authority


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