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  • Ostpolitik
    • Ostpolitik showed a complete lack of caring about the cold war and foreign relations.
    • Between 1972 and 1989 the GDR took loans of 15 billion from the FRG
    • People no longer assumed that reunifying was a possibility
    • Nuclear threats were still very real and very scary.
    • Some MPs argued that the 1972 Basic Treaty showed approval or at least acceptance of the GDR
    • The Oil Crisis 1973
      • The price of oil tripled because the US was providing oil to Israel.
      • To combat this  in the FRG there were car free sundays and speed restrictions
    • Opposition
      • The APO
        • The APO was a group of left wing students and trade unionists
        • They saw radical protests as only way to challenge government and establishment
        • They didn't like the fact that the Grand Coalition owned 66% of the bundestag.
      • SDS
        • Formed in 1946
        • In 1968 80,000 students demonstrated in Bonn against the Emergency Legislation
      • There was a worry about extremism in the FRG. Both very left wing groups and neo nazi groups were working within it
      • The RAF
        • They were a terrorist group
        • Mainly made up of upper middle class, well educated young people.
        • Responsible for bank robberies


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