Origins of the Gothic

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  • Origins of the Gothic
    • Medieval/Gothic age defined as a cultural wasteland, primitive and superstitious
    • When Italian art historians of the Renaissance first used 'Gothic' aesthetically they identified this style as barbaric, disordered and irrational in opposition to the classical style
    • Dr Johnson's Dictionary of 1775 defines Goth as 'one not civilized, one deficient in general knowledge, a barbarian'
    • History of 'Gothic' begins in political discussion, where the project of producing the past as barbaric and superstitious had been contested as early as the 16th century
    • Origin from the Gothic word 'Gutthiuda' meaning 'the Gothic people; to the Greek 'Gothoi'; the Late Latin 'Gothi'; the Old English 'Gota' and then to 'Goth'


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