Origins Of The Universe

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  • The Origins Of The Universe
    • Fundamentalist Christians
      • Believe that the statements in the bible are literally true
      • Some believe the creation story describes exactly how the universe was created
      • Others believe that the seven days describer seven long periods of time
    • Liberal Christains
      • Believe the creation stories are symbolic, where the main message is that God created the universe
      • They might look to science to understand how God did this
    • Muslims
      • Believe the universe was designed and made by God out of nothing
      • Most Muslims believe that 'six days' refers to six periods of time
      • There is no indication of what was created in each day or period and no mention of a day of rest as in the bible
      • God organised the universe to be under his watchful command
      • The work of creation continues with every new life that is born or seed that grows


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