Unit 3: Nutrient Pollution - Organic Nutrient Pollution

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  • Organic Nutrient Pollution e.g. proteins, lipids carbohydrates
    • Sources
      • Sewage works
      • Manure
      • Silage fluids
      • Leather tanneries
      • Paper mills
      • Food processing plants
    • Effects
      • Deoxygenation - micro-organisms in water feed on organic nutrients and aerobically respire
      • Pathogens in sewage - spread diseases e.g. cholera, typhoid
      • Release of inorganic nutrients - leads to eutrophication
    • Sewage Components
      • Dissolved organic material e.g. urine, soap
      • Water
      • Particulate organic waste e.g. food, goldfish
      • Debris e.g. plastic
      • Dissolved inorganic materials e.g. NO3-, PO4-
      • Pathogens


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