Conservatism-Organic Society

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  • Organic Society
    • Hirearchy
      • Born into this set in society so its natural for you and you should not try o change this, because its natural for you and therefore you are best designed to perform the function in society given to you.
    • Pragmatism
      • Society has evolved over time and therefore any attempt to change it would lead to some serious consequence's.
    • Human Frailty
      • We need the security of the tried, tested and known
    • Patriotism/Nationalism
      • The belief that we need to belong otherwise it encourages anomie.
    • Tradition
      • Society should grow slowly and naturally sticking to tradition as much as it can.
        • Religion also links in here as the tradition of religion can link to the 'divine right 0f kings' stating that its gods will or that some people were naturally selected to carry out gods will and reap the rewards.
    • Authority
      • Some people are born to be leaders and have more power than others because their the only ones capable of it. those below should therefore respect those above and those above should provide leadership and opportunities in return.
        • In regards to opportunity it can be seen as a form of pragmatism from the ruling class as to keep the lower classes happy and prevent a revolution against the system and those in power.


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