Opposition to Joseph Lister

Mindmap detailing the main points of opposition to Joseph Lister.

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  • Opposition to Joseph Lister
    • Carbolic Spray
      • Surgeons didn't like how carbolic spray cracked their hands . Made their job more unpleasant.
      • Slowed down operations.
        • Many surgeons thought speed was required to stop bleeding and save the patients life
      • Some surgeons failed to get the same results as Lister.
        • Therefore they stopped using it.
    • Many surgeons still refused to believe that infection was caused by microbes in the air. Idea seen as ridiculous.
    • Some surgeons didn't believe Lister's survival figures. Thought he was exaggerating.
    • Lister himself was cold and arrogant. Put surgeons off his ideas.
    • He changed his methods frequently. This made surgeons lose faith in the spray.
    • Surgeons were stuck in their ways: Resisted change & Kept to What They Knew.
    • Equipment was expensive and heavy.
    • The nurses resented the extra work.


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