History Germany Opposition

Oppsition for Weimar Republic, Nazi & FRG.

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  • Nazi Germany Opposition
    • White Rose
      • Student group formed 1942 in Munich. Urged G to sect N values & destruction
      • gave out leaflets & posters
      • Hans & Sophie Scholl beheaded 1943
    • CCC
      • Spoke out when their values & interests were threatened.
        • 1937 C priests reads out Pope's encyclical (burning concern) condemned some nazi ideas
        • 1941protest against removal of crucifixes in Bavarian schools. later reversed
        • Bishop Galen on house arrest cuz he spoke out against Aktion T4 (euthanasia)  later its existence covered up.
    • Edelweiss Pirates
      • Anti-nazi.Wore banned uniforms, Attacked H youth. During ww2 they took part in sabotage.
    • Army Resistance
      • 20th July Bomb Plot 1944
        • Claus Von Stauffenberg & Army generals wanted to negotiate with Allies
        • Briefcase left in a conference where H met military aides.
        • 4 dead, H injured.
        • Friedrich Fromme one key plotter had 200 arrested & killed this didn't save him.
    • Swing Youth
      • non conformists listened to Usa Jazz & unconventional manner
    • Protestants C men
      • Dietrich Bonhoeffer spoke out against regime
        • arrested 1943 killed 1945


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