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  • opportunities and problems in Wensleydale
    • declining unemployment in agriculture means few people now work in that sector
    • quality of life is high
      • popular for retirement
      • Yorkshire dales national park
      • second homes and holiday homes
    • all settlements except Ripon are rural. all rural towns have population between 1000 and 3000
    • attractive for economic development due to location
      • 25 mins drive from A1
      • good train links
      • many villages act as places for commuters to live
    • farming is strongly influenced by CAP (common agricultural policy)
      • mixed farming in lower areas including wheat and barely
      • encourages new rural enterprises, helping farmers invest in new tech and buildings
        • about sustainable rural development
    • rural land use domminates
    • rural district in north yorkshire
    • most people work locally in services
    • rough grazing a moorland covers anywhere above 400m


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