anslems ontological argument and gaunilos response

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  • ontological argument
    • the ontological argument suggest that God is the greatest possible being and therefore he does not need justification or evidence to support his existence.
    • anselms first argument
      • 1) god is the greatest possible being 2) he may exist in the mind or reality 3) something which exists in reality and in the mind is greater than existing in the mind alone as an idea.
      • Gods the greatest possible being
      • people have an idea of what a unicorn is however this does mean it exists in reality.
        • what exists in reality as well as the mind is greater than something that is just an idea.
      • anselsm says a predicate of God is that he exists
        • a predicate of being a widow is that your husband has died.
        • this is part of gods nature
          • god must necessarily have his property of existence
            • gods existence is analytic
      • anselms second argument
        • 1) god is nothing greater that can be thought of     2)something which cannot be thought not to exist is greater than anything which can be thought not to exist.            3) its impossible to think that this being cannot exist             4) this being is what we call god.
        • its impossible for god not to exist
          • part of gods nature is that he exists.
        • god is a necessary being who created contingent beings
          • if god was a contingent being he would depend on something else for his existence.
            • therefore he wouldn't be as great as a being which had to exist.
        • to conclude anselm does not think gods existence is a matter of debate instead he is demonstrating simply what is true.
    • its a priori
    • gaunilos response to anselm
      • 1) GOSSIP hearing about a person by someone else telling you is unreliable.
      • 2) DEFINING THINGS INTO EXISTENCE by just having an idea about something does not mean that it exists
      • 3) GAUNILOS ISLAND anyone can think of a perfect island however this does not mean that island exists, the man making this argument is a fool.
        • anselm cannot prove the idea of God as the greatest possible being means that he exists in reality.
      • anselms response to gaunilo
        • gods existence is necessary its not necessary that the island exists the island is contingent.
        • gaunilos island is not a thing which can be conceived not to exist
        • however good the island might be there can always be a better one with God he is the ultimate best. with the island there is no intrinsic maximum


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