Online media

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  • Online Media
    • Opinion polls
      • Conducted with greater frequency and are cheaper to run than traditional polls
    • Blogs
      • Provide sources of information and a forum for discussion about political issues
    • Twitter
      • Provides informal polls to asses the popularity of an issue or the performance of politicians
        • Bring up issues that need to be resolved and make them more noticed by politicians
        • Use of # to create awareness and popularity of an issue
        • Influences people to like/dislike certain politicians or ways of thinking
      • Forum for political debate
        • Anyone can voice their opinions
    • Campaigning
      • Parties use viral videos, social media and other tools to test ideas and messages before committing to traditional media
      • Can be used as a source of unregulated campaigning
      • Being connected to the public online and especially amongst the younger generation can help increase popularity
      • Able to correspond with the public easily
    • Websites
      • Parties and politicians have their own websites which provide a means to find out about policies, raise issues and donate to the party


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