Online Communities

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  • Online Communities
    • VLEs (Virtual learning enviroments)
      • Examples
        • Blackboard
        • School VLEs
        • Moodle
      • Site for delivering learning materials to students via the web and allowing students to send work to teachers from home
      • Useful because it allows contact between students and teachers, allowing work to be done while absent for example
    • Social bookmarking sites
      • People use these sites to help them with their work by seeing which sites other people used to do similar things
      • Examples
        • delicious
        • digg
        • Pearltrees
      • Site where you can post links to sites you like or want to share. to be viewed by other people on the site
    • User-generated reference sites
      • changes are often tracked by moderators
      • Examples
        • wikis
        • Review sites
        • internet forums or message boards
        • Newsgroups
      • Site where any user has the ability to edit the content
    • Online Workspaces
      • An online workspace is an online area where you can enable collaborative working and securely share information
      • Examples
        • Kahootz
        • Shareflow
        • Zoho
      • Useful because it allows people from around the world to collaborate on one project, saving money on  travel costs
    • Social networks
      • Examples
        • Snapchat
        • Twitter
        • Facebook
      • Useful for keeping in contact with friends and family over long distances or it could be used for business to keep in contact with their customers
      • Site  which enables users to communicate with each other by posting information, comments, messages, images, etc.


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