Online workshops and VLEs

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  • Online Workspaces and VLEs
    • Online workshops
      • Provide an online community for a group of people who work together
      • Provide a virtual space for people who work together to meet, share files and work collaboratively online
      • virtual meetings suing online conferencing and VolP including virtual whiteboards
      • Shared folders and files allow colleagues to work on the same document
      • Online applications such as word processors and spread sheets are avaialable
    • Virtual Learning Environments
      • Provide an online community for a group of people who learn together
      • Provide information to help students learn
      • Access to additional notes and homework in school or remotely from home as long as they have an internet connection
      • Allows teachers to work collaboratively to create high quality learning material
    • Features of VLEs
      • timetable for staff and students
      • Marking tools for teahers
      • Email and chat
      • Able to track progress and data such as test marks


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