One Flesh

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  • One Flesh
    • A02
      • Closed from - monotomy of the marraige
      • Irregular rhyme scheme - broken relationship
        • The final stanza doesn't end in a heroic couplet, unlike the other 2 - reflects the separation of the couple
      • 'Chastity' is personified seems threatening
      • Simile 'like a thread to hold'
      • Caesura - reflects their separation
      • Reflective/sad tone of inevitability
    • Main ideas
      • Jennings looking in on her parents marriage
      • Their marriage has 'grown cold' is sexless and passionless
        • Bound by religion - unhealthy
    • A03
      • Elizabeth Jennings 1966
      • Influenced by Catholicism, Jennings grew up in Catholic background
      • Divorce was taboo in the 60's
      • Part of 'the movement'
    • Links with Jane (A04)
      • Jane has to control and temper her passion vs loss of passion in poem
      • Marriage acts as a barrier in both texts (Bertha and Rochester)
      • Both texts present a negative depiction of marriage St John dies vs the couple being miserable forever


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