'Tis Pity She's A Whore - Quotations

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  • 'Tis Pity She's A Whore
    • 'what though he be your brother? Your brother's a man'
    • 'thy old father's heart'
    • 'Thus hung Jove on Leda's neck And sucked divine ambrosia from her lips'
    • 'Your age o'errules you; had you youth like mine, You'd make her love your Heaven and her divine'
    • 'to burnt to ashes'
    • 'put out her eyes'
    • 'live to die more blessed'
    • 'I have loved you long and loved you truly'
    • 'wicked and unlawful'
    • 'one soul, one flesh, one love, one heart, one all'
    • 'rip up my bosom: there thou shalt behold a heart in which is writ the truth I speak'
    • 'all that you call sacred'
    • 'that beauty, which if fram'd anew, the gods would make a god of'
    • 'a pair of souls are lost'
    • 'thing of malice'
    • 'most just'
    • 'Is this a churchman's voice? Dwells Justice here?'
    • 'I here receive Grimaldi Into his Holiness' protection'
    • 'I never meant Bergetto harm'
    • 'all the gold and jewels'
    • 'by the canons of the Church'
    • 'too mean a husband for your daughter'
    • 'great man may do their wills, we must obey, but Heaven'll judge them for it another day'
    • 'there's not help in this when the cardinals think murder's not amiss'
    • 'bound so much the more by nature, by the links of blood and reason'
    • 'I would not have known it for all the world'


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