Of Mice and Men-Curley's Wife Character Profile

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  • OMAM:Curley's wife by Renee Mattis
    • she is Curley's property as she has no name
    • married to Curley
    • flirtatious
    • lonely
    • Lennie accidentally kills her
    • she doesn't like Curley
    • is very naive
    • 'What kinda harm am I doin' to you?'
    • trys to use her sexuality to distract the men
    • treats Crooks badly as she is treated with no respect
    • called a '*****'
    • called a 'tramp'
    • called Lennie a 'dum-dum' as she is treated with no respect
    • wants someone to talk to
    • no hope
    • has dreams


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