Official Statistics

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  • Official Statistics
    • Who Gathers them?
      • Government from the police
        • Police might be Bias
      • Commissions research projects from Uni Researchers
      • Other agencies concerned with crime
        • Teachers meant report Hate Crimes
    • What do statistics measure?
      • Statistics measure crime
      • Crimes ar socially defined, what i a crime will vay accordng to change in, norms an values
      • Things are made criminal, and they are legalized as society changes
    • Tell us about patterns of reporting, recording an conviction
    • We learn about public ad police practical
      • Provide a base line from which to work from
        • Tell us about patterns of reporting, recording an conviction
    • How do we know about crime
      • Victim Studies
        • Available online
        • Adults - Large sample, of crimes the experienced
        • Tell which crimes they have told the police about- usually less ten half the crime experience
      • Self Report Studies
        • Ordinary people asked what crimes they have committed
        • Revel high levels of petty crime
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