Ofelia and Mercedes' relationship

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  • Ofelia and Mercedes' relationship
    • Maternal during Carmen's absence
      • Ofelia spends more and more time with Mercedes while Carmen faces her difficult pregnancy
      • Ofelia talks with Mercedes about her fantasy encounters and doesn't even tell her own mother about the Faun
        • "Mi abuela decía que a los faunos les gusta engatusar a la gente"
    • Ofelia keeps Mercedes' secret
      • Mutual disdain for Vidal
      • Ofelia keeping Mercedes' secret ultimately saves her life
        • We saw how Vidal reacted to the Doctor's betrayal (shot him to death)
      • Ofelia's instinct to trust Mercedes even after just meeting her
    • Mercedes comes back to save Ofelia
      • Ofelia: "Llévame contigo."
        • Shows Ofelia's deep desire to stay with Mercedes as she is the last person she has left
      • Mercedes risks her own life to return and save Ofelia from Vidal's tyranny
        • Demonstrates strong bond and will to keep each other safe
      • Ofelia: "No quiero que te pase nada malo."
    • Mercedes as an inspiration to Ofelia
      • Mercedes standing up to Vidal inspires Ofelia to do the same and take her brother
        • "Mi hermano se queda conmigo."
      • Ofelia inherits assets from Mercedes, e.g. strength and bravery


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