AQA A2 Spanish - Guillermo Del Toro

Influences and themes of Guillermo Del Toro's work (mainly El Laberinto Del Fauno - Pan's Labyrinth)

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Influences (seen in Pan's Labyrinth)

Del Toro's father was kidnapped, and once freed his family was forced into exile from their home country - Ofelia's father died and she was forced to move away from her home

Del Toro used his imagination as a child to escape the violence of Mexico - Ofelia uses the fantasy world to escape the violence in the real world (fascists vs. republicans)

Del Toro enjoyed fantasy stories when he was younger (monsters etc.) but this was punished by his grandmother - Ofelia is punished by her mother and Vidal for still reading fairy tales

Del Toro witnessed a lot of violence when growing up in Mexico and became desensitised - the violence in the film appears to be seen as normal every day life, as it probably would have been under Franco's regime

Del Toro was raised by his strict Catholic grandmother - religious imagery is seen throughout the film (e.g. Adam and Eve when Ofelia eats the grape despite being told not to by the Faun)

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Theme 1 - War and Fascism

War and Fascism

  • Two worlds (fantasy and real) represent the two sides (fascists and republicans) good vs evil
  • Vidal - GdT's imagined image of Franco (brutal, no respect for women) 
  • Ofelia expected to follow Faun's rules without being told why - symbol of Fascism (Doctor to Vidal: to obey without questioning is something only people like you can do)
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Theme 2 - Women


- traditional female role to provide a son for Vidal.

-Lack of respect/equality is seen when Vidal asks the Doctor to save his son over his wife - symbol of treatment of women at the time


- strong and intelligent, uses Vidal's ignorance to undermine him and help her brother (a rebel fighter)

- becomes a role model for Ofelia, showing the strength of women

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Theme 3 - Religion


  • Influenced by being brought up by his grandmother
  • Adam & Eve - Ofelia eats fruit even though she was told not to by the Faun
  • El hombre palido influenced by the painting 'Saturno devorando su hijo' (Satan devouring his son)
  • Ofelia chose to die before harming her brother - symbol of Jesus dying to protect his people
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I know that this is quite old but I just wanted to point out that it's "Saturn devouring his son" and not "Satan" :)

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