Of Mice and Men: Plot Summary

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  • Of Mice and Men: Plot Summary
    • Section 1
      • George and Lennie, having walked a long way, stop at a pool by the Salinas River.
        • They are off to take up work at a nearby ranch.
          • They have had to leave their previous work for some, yet to be explained, reason to do with Lennie.
            • It is clear that Lennie is slow to understand. He has been keeping a dead mouse to 'pet'. George makes him get rid of it.
              • We learn that they left Weed because Lennie had touched s girl's dress, she'd shouted out, and they'd had to hide in a ditch to escape angry townsfolk.
                • George tells Lennie a story he has obviously told before about how one day they plan to have their own little farm.
    • Section 2
      • George and Lennie start work at the farm.
        • They meet other ranch hands, the boss' aggressive son, Curley, and Curley's wife who comes into the bunk house and flirts with them.
          • Lennie is attracted to Curley's wife and George is worried.
            • George makes Lennie promise to meet him by the pool if there's any trouble for the second time.
              • They also meet Slim, in charge of the horses, who is a man with natural authority.
    • Section 3
      • George reveals to Slim why they were 'run out' of Weed.
        • Slim gives Lennie a puppy from his own dog's litter.
          • Carlson, a farm hand, convinces Candy, an old man who cleans round the farm, to let his aged dog be shot
            • Candy overhears George and Lennie's plan for their own farm and offers to put in half the money if they let him join them.
              • Curley comes in and starts a fight with Lennie, hitting him until George tells Lennie to fight back. Lennie breaks Curley's hand.
                • Slim makes Curley say that his hand was injured in an accident.
    • Section 4
      • While the other ranch hands go out to the local town Lennie enters the hut of Crooks, a crippled stable hand.
        • Candy also appears and they tell Crooks about their dream for the farm.
          • They are interrupted by Curley's wife who laughs at them and threatens Crooks with a charge of **** when he tells her to leave.
            • Later, Lennie accidently kills the pup he had been given, not knowing his own strength.
    • Section 5
      • Lennie tries to bury the pup in the straw in the barn.
        • Curley's wife comes in and they talk, and she asks him to stroke her hair.
          • She panics when she feels Lennie's strength, and in grabbing her, he breaks her neck by accident.
            • When the body is found it is obvious Lennie is the killer.
              • A hunt is started for him, with Curley keen to be the one who shoots Lennie.
    • Section 6
      • George realises Lennie could not bare life in prison, and also can't stand the thought of him being lynched by Curley and the others.
        • George finds Lennie by the pool where they had agreed to meet if there was trouble.
          • He talks to Lennie about their dream farm, and then shoots Lennie just before the others arrive.
            • Slim comforts George and tells him he had no choice.


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