Of mice and men chapter summaries

Mindmap of main events in each chapter, sorry my colour code won't work :(

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  • Of Mice and Men Main events in Chapters
    • Chapter 2
      • Arrive at ranch
      • Meet Candy, Boss, Curley, Curleys Wife, Slim
      • Lennie begs for a pup
    • Chapter 5
      • lennie kills puppy
      • Curleys wife lets him stroke her hair
        • He won't let go, she freaks out, he kills her.
          • Candy discovers her body
      • Candy and george say how the dream is gone
      • Curley wnats revenge so organises man hunt
      • Slim is the only one to touch her
    • Chapter 1
      • paradise description
      • Rest by lake - Lennie horse
      • Dead mouse
      • The Dream Farm
      • Multicoloured rabbits
    • Chapter 6
      • Lennie has visions of Aunt Clara and a rabbit
      • George finds Lennie at the clearing
      • Lennie is calmed by George by telling the dream
      • Lennie is killed the same way Candys dog was.
    • Chapter 3
      • George tells Lennie about Weed
        • Light on george reflects interigation, prison.
      • Candys dog is shot
        • Candy wants to join their dream
      • Curley fights with Lennie and gets his hand crushed
        • Pretends it got caught in a machine
    • Chapter 4
      • Crooks room
        • Persuades Lennie that George has left
      • Candy joins them
      • Curleys wife admits that its shamefully fun that she has them for company
        • Crooks orders her out and she attacks him verbally using her superior social status as a white woman


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