Of mice and men characters- George and Candy

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  • Of mice and men characters
    • George
      • Someone who is of the people but an out cast
        • working class dialect
          • ''*******' 'son of a *****'
          • 'might go in and look the joint over'
        • Has to think about Lennie which sets him apart
        • 'What the hell ya suppose is eating them two guys'
          • The other men don't share the same emotional intelligence after Lennie's death
      • Lost soul of the Great Depression
        • Very intelligent man
          • 'restless eyes and sharp strong features'
            • 'restless eyes' shows he is looking for something more but he is lost as this isn't acheiveable
          • but he says 'An' I ain't so bright neither or I wouldn't be bucking barley
            • We know that he is intelligent so this shows that how smart you were was decided by your class
      • An anti-hero
        • Contrasts typical literary hero during the 1930's
          • more realistic
        • alienated from society
          • 'Guys like us, that work on ranches, are the lonliest guys in the world
            • elicits sympathy- they are the forgotten people
            • 'us'- all ranch workers are treated and viewed the same
            • 'world'- reminds us that the microcosm is relatable to the whole world
        • Typical literary hero is responsible for their own fate but George isn't
          • 'George laid out his deliberate solitaire hand'
            • Solitaire represents him living his life alone
            • 'deliberate'- shows he is living his life very carefully
              • However solitaire is ultimately a game of luck so he has no control
            • Can't control the actions of others- Lennie leads to his downfall
      • His ending is more tragic than Lennies
        • After Lennie's death 'George sat stiffly on the edge of the bank'
          • He has to carry on without a dream whilst Lennie is in a better place
        • Georges name is George Milton
          • This links to Steinbeck's favourite authors who wrote the poem 'paradise lost'
            • The peom suggests that humans are destined to be alone
              • So no matter how hard George tried he was always going to end up alone
        • The book finishes where it began
          • suggests that things always go round in a circle
            • like when Curley's wife died a bird circled the barn
            • Lennie has escaped this circle but George has not
    • Candy
      • Represents the old
        • When they get old people are either thrown out, canned or used up
        • Candy fears that he will no longer be useful and so he will get thrown out
          • Like his dog
        • 'A tall man with stooped shoulders'
          • 'tall'- he is good and strong
            • but he is now 'stooped' showing that this ability is gone and he is now small compared to his former self
      • Represents the diasabled
        • He is missing one hand from an accident
      • Candy and his dog run parellel to George and Lennie
        • Candy's dog depends on Candy
          • The dog is extremely loyal
        • When Cnady is told the dog must die he couldn't kill the dog himself so Carlson does it
          • Later he says he should have shot the dog himself
            • This foreshadows Georges decision to kill Lennie himself
      • A device to make the American dream seam realistic
        • He suggest to put in a large sum of money


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