Modern relevance for Oedipus the King

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  • Oedipus the King for the modern audience
    • Appeal of the characters
      • Oedipus
        • we watch him uncover the truth about himself
        • clashes with Tiresias and Creon
      • Jocasta
        • confidence
    • Relevance of themes
      • origin of a modern psychological theory/story
      • moral of final Stasimon
        • 'count no man happy'
      • the past catching up with you
      • fate, responsibility, ignorance, identity
    • Entertainment value
      • gripping
        • the audience are on the edge of their seats to see when he will realise
    • Plot
      • cause and effect
        • 1 comment leads to next level of unfolding
      • Murder-mystery
        • realisation
          • = anagnoresis
      • Play of confrontation
        • agon


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