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  • Oedipus the King - Background research
    • Historical context
      • During this time, Athens was in the peak of its democratic approach in its government
        • The oligarchic rule goes wrong in this play, which shows the audience that democracy is the best route to rule a government
      • The plague in Athens the year before the play was produced on stage
        • Reference to the play? Could have inspired Sophocles to produce the play?
      • Based the play around the Oedipus myths
        • Audience would identify him as a human figure in their history - reaching catharsis
    • Related Greek words
      • Aidos - shame
        • Oedipus and his family are shamed for the rest of their lives and descent because of mistakes made throughout the family.
      • Aition - cause or origin
        • The cause of the plague was sent by Apollo to curse Oedipus
      • Ate -blind or folly placed on humans by the gods
        • Oedipus is blind to the truth by Apollo. When he learns about his true self, it is too late for him.
      • Hubris - extreme pride
        • Oedipus expresses this when he thinks that he is more powerful than the gods
      • Penthos - grief, suffering
        • At the end of the play, Oedipus is doomed to suffer for the rest of his life because of the fulfillment of the prophecy
    • Greek laws
      • Citizenship laws - they are not to be impure and corrupted through their lineage
        • The children of Jocasta and Oedipus are not citizens because they are the result of incest
      • Acknowledge the gods at all times
        • The god Apollo is the one responsible for the demise of Oedipus and he acknowledges this, but it is too late for him at the end of the play
      • Murder, treason, homicide, etc - punishment is death or exile
        • Oedipus must follow this because it was under his decree to banish the pollution from the land
      • A slave's testimony should only be used if it was relevant. If not, torture should be introduced.
        • In Oedipus, he threatens to torture the shepherd in order to find the truth about his lineage


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