Treatments of OCD

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  • OCD: Treatments
      • Paroxetine: SSRI increases level of serotonin. Forces them through the through the post synaptic neuron.
    • CBT
      • Helping people to understand that they are misinterpreting their thoughts
      • Making people aware of how they try to neutralise the obsessive thoughts by attempting to make amends for having such thoughts.
      • Attempt to help the person change their distorted cognitive processes. The most important aspect here is to stop the person from catastrophising.
      • An additional techniques used in cognitive therapy is habituation training (Franklin et al 2000). Here the client is asked to think repeatedly about their obsessive thoughts.
        • The idea is that by deliberately thinking about obsessions, they will become less anxiety raising
    • Psychodynamic
      • Free association: lies and is allowed to talk and is then interpreted to show the core problem in the psychosexualstages
      • Dream analysis: tells manifest content (dreams) then interpreted into latent content which is the underlying meaning of symbols.
      • Hypnosis: helps access the unconscious mind.


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