Buisness Summer Revision

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  • Objectives
    • Profit
      • The profit of a company is there spending money within the buisness
      • Profit is income - cost = profit
      • Profit is free to use because the costs have already been taken away from it.
    • Survival
      • 8 out of 10 buisnesses fail
      • Compition is a big part of survival if your rival does better than your buisness is expected to fail.
      • Survival is normally the first objective to a buisness
    • Growth
      • Growing your buisness is key you will get no customers/ a profit without growing
      • There are many ways to grow your buisness e.g advertising via tv ads
      • You can also advertise by , Social media , bill boards , and being sponserd
    • Providing a service
      • Giving your customers a service primarily effects the buisness
      • a bad service could effect the customers coming in which there for would effect the profit
      • Your service depends on how your epmoylee's act if they act well and provide a good service the customer will most likely come back , But if they provide a bad service the customer will most likely not come back which there for you lose some profit.
    • Market Share
      • Market share can be defined by the proportion of your market you sell to e.g you could sell to target it to teens.
      • You can expand your market share by selling new products or change your selling style / selling locations
      • Market share depends on what you sell or how you sell it or where you sell it most of the time .


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